Security Risk Assessment & Consulting

Security Risk Assessment & Consulting

Security Risk Assessment & Consulting

Security Risk Assessment & Consulting

Security & Resilience Consulting, LLC

Security & Resilience is a premier security firm offering a broad range of security risk assessments to private and public sector clients. We specialize in hands-on physical security consulting services. Offerings such as risk assessments, threat analysis, risk mitigation planning, security policy & procedure creation and review, business continuity planning and more.

We are a true independent security consulting company. We have no affiliation with any security equipment manufacturer allowing us to provide the best, most unbiased advice to our clients. We bring innovation to the security consulting field by executing proven risk reduction methods, thereby helping our clients develop safe and effective cost-efficient security measures. We also help develop security policies and procedures that will help our clients become informed about matters like emergency management, business continuity, regulatory compliance and more. We pride ourselves on the work we do and strive to meet the needs of each client based on their risks. Make risk management at your organization or business a reality today with our board certified professional team!

Security Risk

We bring decades of experience to our threat and risk assessments which are essential steps in securing your corporation or organization. We utilize our industry expertise to identify threats from a variety of sources and aspects of your business.

Security Policy & Procedures

We implement some of the best security policy development techniques and practices in the industry. Is your company or organization fully equipped with updated security policies to cover workplace risks? If not give us a call today!

Business Resilience

Today, an effective plan that allows a business to quickly recover from interruptions or even larger disasters is no longer an option, it is a critical factor that ensures the business lands on its feet. Let us help you take the appropriate steps to succeed.